An aerial view of rows of solar panels next to a wooded area in fall.
A look down the block of a snow-covered neighborhood.
A group of WPS and We Energies employees standing in front of large utility vehicles early in the morning.
A pair of peregrine falcons being held.
A white utility vehicle with the WPS logo stopped next to a snowy, wooded area.
A group of swans created by white holiday lights in front of trees made up of multi-colored holiday lights.
A close up of solar panels mounted above a snow-covered field.
A fireplace and brick mantle decorated with stockings and garland.
A woman cooking food on a stove.
A cabin with green siding set in a wooded area.
Women and men from WPS present a large check to Patriot K9s of Wisconsin representatives.
The words 'Stop Scams' next to warning icons and a cell phone.
A view upstream of Otter Rapids Hydro next to a wooded area.
Sun shines on the solar panels at the Two Creeks Solar Park.
A teacher informing students about electronics in a classroom.
Sun shines on the solar panels at the Two Creeks Solar Park.
A WPS employee uses an electronic device to locate underground utility lines near a street.
A full crowd in front of a stage lit up in blue and purple lights at the Peninsula Players Theatre.
A pair of peregrine falcons being held.
A circular fan blowing cool air on the face of a small girl.
A photo of an automated external defibrillator awarded through the WPS Foundation's Rewarding Responders Grant.
A peregrine falcon with four eggs inside the Weston Power Plant nest box.
Sun shines on the solar panels at the Two Creeks Solar Park.
A peregrine falcon watching over an egg inside a nest box.
A solar park operating next to a wind energy park.
A man and woman calculating bills in front of a laptop.
A snow-covered power line that was knocked down during a spring storm.
A snow-covered tree knocked down near a roadway following a spring storm.
A male student looking at the technical college scholarships application page.
Visitors to the WPS Farm Show walk by large farm machinery.
A football next to a diagram of a football play on a chalkboard.,
A row of solar panels mounted on top of a field covered by snow.
A wind turbine located in a rural area.
A peregrine falcon named Courage flies out of a nest as another peregrine falcon watches.
A WPS natural gas crew working with an excavator.
WPS employee Todd Siebold standing next to his work vehicle.
A large pine tree resting on top of a power line.
A view above the Caldron Falls hydroelectric dam.
Multi-colored lights on an evergreen tree
A woman cooking food on a stove.
WPS Foundation and Howard Fire Department representatives standing in front of a table with an AED on it.