Big game. Big celebrations. Big chances for savings.

Whether you’re a rookie or an All-Pro, Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) is helping customers save energy during this weekend’s big game. Use these simple plays to score savings and use energy efficiently on game day.

Run a savings sweep by opening curtains

Sub Mother Nature in for the furnace by pulling curtains and blinds open when it’s sunny out, which can naturally warm up a home. Close them at night to block the heat from leaking outside.

Change momentum with a thermostat reverse

Going on the road for the big game? Turn the thermostat down 7-10 degrees from its normal setting when you’re away from your home field. It’s an effective way to manage heating costs and avoid heating an empty house or stadium.

Put a star-studded device in the starting lineup

When left plugged in, electronics and small appliances like smartphones and coffee makers can bulk up your energy bill’s box score, even if they’re turned off. Sack wasted power by unplugging or putting them on a smart power strip, which can turn them off automatically.

Several plugs plugged into a power strip.

Move the chains with the microwave

Prepare gridiron grub efficiently with microwaves and slow cookers. They use less energy than an oven and are great options for small snacks and dishes.

Call an oven option

If you use the oven to help prepare your game day spread, turn on its light to check cooking progress instead of opening the door. Your food will cook more efficiently, and you’ll avoid fumbling away extra heat and energy.

Create home-field advantage with fans

Ceiling fans play both offense and defense, cooling in the summer and circulating warm air during the winter. In the winter, run your ceiling fan clockwise on the lowest setting. This pushes warm air down to prevent the thermostat from going up.