Two men hold up a ceremonial check being presented by the WPS Foundation as part of the CP Telethon.
A WPS lineworker makes repairs to a power line on a utility pole.
A peregrine falcon with blue and white feathers stands over three small chicks with white feathers.
A group of high school students speaks with adults about a solar-powered food cooker on a sunny day.
A peregrine falcon with blue-grey feathers stands over a reddish-orange egg on top of pea gravel.
A group of men and women firefighters and WPS Foundation representatives stand next to a red life preserver ring on a stand.
Electric lines and equipment in front of a large brick building.
A peregrine falcon looks at four reddish-brown eggs on top of pea gravel.
A lineworker in an orange coat works on power lines on a cloudy day.