Electricity seems to effortlessly power everyday life. Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) employees recently helped several area Boy Scouts understand the knowledge and skills needed to produce affordable, reliable and clean energy each day.

Earlier this month, WPS employees continued a long-standing tradition of helping local Boy Scouts learn about electricity. Company volunteers hosted WPS’ 69th electricity merit badge clinic in Wausau, helping nearly 40 Scouts learn more about how homes and businesses are powered each day.

Clinic comes back to help Scouts succeed

WPS has hosted its electricity merit badge clinic since 1952, helping generations of kids continue progressing through the Scouting ranks. Volunteers brought even more energy to this year’s event, hosting the merit badge clinic for the first time since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We were really excited to bring back our electricity merit badge clinic this year,” said Kelly Zagrzebski, local affairs leader — WPS. “You could see right away how eager the Scouts were, too. It’s a great opportunity for them to learn important concepts and how their favorite devices are powered every day.”

Learning how the lights stay on

During the merit badge clinic, WPS volunteers helped teach Scouts about common electrical terms, how electricity is produced and how to read their home’s electric meter. The Scouts also put their knowledge to the test, creating working circuits and electromagnets with guidance from the WPS employees.

“Our main goal with the clinic is to help the Scouts understand electricity and how to be safe around it,” Zagrzebski said. “It also gives them the chance to consider how they use electricity each day, as well as how they can use it efficiently.”

A legacy of supporting Scouts and communities

The event was a hands-on opportunity for Scouts to enhance their science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills in a fun setting with friends. It’s a favorite event as well for WPS employees, providing them a chance to support area students and their interest in an energetic field.

“Our company has a long history of supporting and strengthening the communities we serve,” Zagrzebski said. “We’re glad to add to this tradition and help even more Scouts succeed.”