Wisconsin Public Service is celebrating moms this Mother’s Day. The company asked employees to submit pictures and provide a few thoughts on why they love being a mom.

Here are their words.

“Being a mom means I have built-in best friends and mini versions of myself that I get to make memories with.” — Marissa Possley, team leader — customer care center

“I love being a boy mom to these three. There’s nothing like watching life through the eyes of your child and watching them grow in faith, kindness and independence.” — Nicki Strebel, senior business process analyst

“I love being a mom because I will always have a best friend, and my daughter makes it so easy!” — Wendy Johnson, team leader — customer care center

“I am truly blessed to be called ‘mom’ by these three unique treasures. Every day is a new adventure. I am trying to be present for the big moments and small, as childhood goes by so fast.” — Annette Krutz, principal HR consultant

“Being a full-time mom and full-time employee is incredibly challenging, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.” — Brigette Finger, principal HR consultant

“I love going on adventures with my boys and seeing the world through their eyes!” — Holly Nerat, senior HR consultant

“I love being a mom to these three and watching them live and grow into great humans.” — Lana Vandervest, senior communications specialist

“I love being a mom because I get to be a part of my kids’ journey and watch them learn and grow in everything they do.” — Stacie Duescher, senior analyst