The first summer scorcher is bringing intense heat and humidity across the state. Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) is sharing nine simple tips to help customers stay cool and manage their energy costs.

No cost
  • Shut out the sun — Close blinds, drapes and curtains to prevent heat from the sun’s rays from warming up a home.
  • Tweak your thermostat — Set the thermostat a few degrees higher while at home to manage energy use. While away, adjust your thermostat 7 to 10 degrees higher than its normal setting. This step can help you save up to 10% on your energy bill.
  • Automatic adjustment — Set the fan on a home’s cooling system to “auto” so the fan only runs when the air conditioner does.
  • Outdoor options — Avoid creating extra heat inside by cooking food or drying laundry outdoors during the cooler evening hours. These steps can help the air conditioner run less often.
  • Balanced budget  WPS offers its Budget Billing option to help customers effectively manage energy costs. Budget Billing helps avoid highs and lows in energy bills by spreading annual energy costs more evenly over 12 months.



Low cost
  • Seal in savings — Apply caulk or weather stripping to cracks or gaps around windows, doors and siding. This keeps cool in and hot air out.
  • Feel cool with fans — Use standing or ceiling fans to circulate cool air, even if you have air conditioning, to help rooms feel cooler. Ceiling fans should rotate counter clockwise in the summer.
  • Cooling checkup — A professional inspection and tuneup of an air conditioning unit each year helps it run efficiently. It also can help customers stay ahead of future issues.
  • Install tech in your thermostat — Smart and programmable thermostats can automatically adjust a home’s temperature so the air conditioner runs efficiently when customers are at home, asleep or away.

WPS customers also can take advantage of rebates and deals on energy efficient products through its partners at Focus on Energy, Wisconsin’s statewide efficiency program.